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  • Google plans a digital newsstand for Android
    Audrey Waters at ReadWriteWeb has the details, or rather lack thereof, around a possible plan from the search giant to capitalize on an opportunity at which Apple has been failing. Like the ebook market, if anything materialize it is likely to be a relatively safe “me too” play with just a different distribution of revenue to the respective parties. We really need more entrants from smaller, hungrier players who are that much more likely to come up with something we haven’t seen yet, that is better suited to digital content and network distribution.
  • Recommendations for secure use of public WiFi
    I am very glad to see Glenn Fleishman at Ars Technica continuing to draw attention to an issue that cropped up a few months back with the splashy debut of Firesheep and has since fizzled. This how-to should be required reading presented to anyone connecting to an open access point. I like that there is a follow up planned aimed at the venues that provide this access. I’d be happier still if the services who are ultimately dragging their feet on offering SSL encrypted connections had been more moved by Firesheep and the attendant discussions.
  • Using technology to enforce good behavior
    Slashdot links to a story appropriate to the start of a new year, about technologies that force good behavior. I cannot say I am a fan of the general idea as I fear eliminating choice also runs the risk of encouraging users abdicating critical decision making to their technology. I’d much rather see an augmentative approach that exposes data and offers analysis to help us make better choices on our own.
  • New hosted option and client apps from crisis support project, Ushahidi, ReadWriteWeb
  • Speed limits of copper phone lines may limit ISP competition even further, Ars Technica

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