It’s late and I haven’t thought deeply about this…hopefully these points are in some kind of logical order…

1. With this app out there, you have no more or less anonymity than you had before – motor vehicles of almost all types operated on public roads have been required to have a license plate for a long time, which is in effect a unique identifier for that vehicle (*not* driver, which could be a problem) that anyone around you can see. This doesn’t change the anonymity, it changes the reportability of violations.

2. 99% of drivers out there drive in a safe, sane manner (although generally not a completely legal manner). If this app gets the 1% of drivers that do not drive safely off the road by pricing them out of the insurance market, or by having their license revoked for reckless driving, without having them crash into something (potentially killing someone), then I would say that it is a net win for society.

3. Yes, there is potential for abuse with the reporting function. However, if adoption is high enough, it should be possible to identify and disregard those people who are over-reporting, reporting the same car multiple times, et cetera.

3A. One way to monitor for over-reporting and false positives is to send police officers to locations from which reports are regularly filed and confirm or refute the validity of the reports.

4. Looks like it’s iPhone only. As I refuse to purchase Apple products for a number of reasons (which all of your readers and listeners are probably familiar with already – until such time as a version that runs on my phone (Android) is available, I won’t be using this app.