Berkman Center Launches Planning Initiative for Digital Public Library

The link is to the press release directly from the source.

The Berkman Center for Internet and Society today announced that it will host a research and planning initiative for a “Digital Public Library of America.” With funding from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Berkman will convene a large and diverse group of stakeholders in a planning program to define the scope, architecture, costs and administration for a proposed Digital Public Library of America.

Dave Ferriero, Archivist of the US, has already offered to host an initial plenary session. That will be followed by five tracks of intensive workshops. The model sounds very similar to the work that Carl Malamud did at the start of that project. Here is hoping that this new effort is at least as successful.

Speaking of Carl, he is on the steering committee alongside other academics, librarians, and leaders from various not-for-profits. I volunteer on the FedFlix project run by Carl’s He is responsible for quite a few projects for getting public information online and if the other names, only a few of whom I recognize, are of similar caliber, that also bodes well.

The focus here seems to be at the federal and national level. I’d love to see this expand to include recommendations for local libraries to evolve to embrace the network and remain lively parts of their respective communities.

Berkman Center Announces Digital Public Library Planning Initiative

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