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  • OpenLeaks alternative to WikiLeaks with less politics
    Slashdot is one of many sites to carry further news of ex-WikiLeaks staffs looking to set up a site that concerns itself simply with publish information and not with attendant political agendas. This is hardly new as we’ve had Cryptome for at least as long as WikiLeaks, if not quite a bit longer. Still, to me it signals that the panic rhetoric over security and threats isn’t the point but that failure of modern journalism is exerting the pressure leading to this style of disseminating information.
  • Anonymous moves on from attacks to more considered responses
    I had been refraining from comment on the childish actions of Anonymous and other immature defenders of WikiLeaks who feel technologically driven takedowns were an appropriate response to politically driven takedowns. The nadir definitely was the threat, humorous or not, against EFF of all organizations. I was pleased to see Cory at BoingBoing, who tweeted the exchanges with EFF, note that Anonymous is moving one to helping analyze and distribute the leaked info rather than brutishly retaliating.
  • Makerbot ships more evolved 3D printer
    Marshall Kirkpatrick at ReadWriteWeb has the latest from one of the leaders of the home 3D fabrication revolution. Thing-O-Matic sounds like a worthy follow up to Makerbot and the Cupcake CNC. It is getting increasingly hard for me to resist the urge to start setting aside some cash to acquire one of these for my experimentations in this exciting space.
  • Mozilla promises response to Google’s latest speed boost to Chrome’s JavaScript, The Register
  • World’s largest patent troll fires first salvo, Slashdot
  • Lego reconstruction of world’s earliest computer, Technology Review

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