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  • Save Captain Crunch
    Technology Review catches up with the seminal phone phreaker. I knew he hadn’t been faring well in recent years, which is a shame given his pivotal role in the early history of both computing and hacking. A site has sprung up to help garner donations for a much needed surgery Draper requires to relieve a pinched nerve that is so bad he is apparently robbed of the use of his hands.
  • Help debug the legal bug tracker
    There is a reason I admire Carl Malamud–even as he works so hard on issues of public interest, he holds closely to his hack-ish roots. Case in point is that his high profile law.gov project includes a bug tracker, a means for everyone to pitch in and help with identify areas for attention. That he has Karl Fogel of Subversion fame coding on this is even more to his credit, and Karl’s.
  • IBM reveals crypto based wallet for greater privacy
    The BBC has the details of what I suspect is just the latest development in a longer running series of research efforts by Big Blue. I distinctly recall talking about similar efforts several years ago when I interviewed Dick Hardt who coined Identity 2.0 to describe these sorts of technologies.
  • Chrome OS notebooks won’t dual boot Windows
    Saw this Tom’s Hardware piece via Groklaw and wondered it it also excluded Linux. As far as I can tell, it will, at least initially. I can’t say I am happy about this sort of lock in, even if it is to make the OS and hardware cheaper and more performant. However, I can easily imagine intrepid hackers quickly getting Linux running, reverse engineering and utilizing the custom hardware.
  • Four more tools for teaching kids to code, ReadWriteWeb
  • UK team to undertake extensive copyright law review will include James Boyle, Techdirt
  • Vendors to phase out VGA connectors, Slashdot
  • Blogger Hossein “Hoder” Derakshan temporarily released from Iranian prison, BoingBoing

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