Standing Up to Internet Censorship

The EFF is launching a new campaign in the wake of multiple attempts to stem the data from WikiLeaks latest activity. Whatever you think of the content of the cables or the legality and morality of their acquisition, we all should agreed on one point:

Let’s be clear — in the United States, at least, WikiLeaks has a fundamental right to publish truthful political information. And equally important, Internet users have a fundamental right to read that information and voice their opinions about it. We live in a society that values freedom of expression and shuns censorship. Unfortunately, those values are only as strong as the will to support them — a will that seems to be dwindling now in an alarming way.

The announcement and the project page list out some of the recent threats to free speech online. They don’t mention COICA and the domain seizures, which according to recent remarks by the US IP Czar may become even more common, but I think the same principles definitely apply.

EFF is supplying a variety of badges and ribbons you can display on your web site and social media profiles. I certainly endorse this idea because I think it is far more critical to focus in on why media here in the US has failed so miserably to hold those in power accountable that the Internet, like an immune reaction, has fostered sites like WikiLeaks and Cryptome.

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