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I’ve been following development of the distributed, cryptography-based digital cash, BitCoin, for a while. I’ve been fascinated by the space since the days I used to lurk on the cypherpunks mailing list. Having only PayPal for small, peer oriented transactions, let alone private and untraceable ones, has always been frustrating. BitCoin has been running almost non-stop on my desktop machine, in generation mode, for weeks.

While I’ve been waiting for my first few coins to accrue through my contribution of cycle time, I was first intrigued by EFF’s announcement that they will now accept donations via BitCoin then encouraged when noted technologist, Simon Phipps, made the same move. I’ve been thinking about doing so myself, it seems like good timing to help build on the momentum of others.

If you’ve been frustrated by the few means of directly support this site and the podcast, then I will happily share my receiving address for anyone else using or even just experimenting, like me, with BitCoin. You can send donations to 16LN7eYwryFW5bYArMayT3TMdwpM7goQ5r if you like. There is a good list at the project site of other services accepting this currency for payment and exchanges where you can buy in or cash out.

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