About the facebook tracking issue.

My reaction to that is “no shit Sherlock”, this kind of issues have existed since the first cross domain linking of images. I usually take gravatar as an example, they can now what everyone is reading and by whom on sites using these images.

Today there is one solution that only so far works in blocking this and that is third party blocking filters. For Firefox there is that AdBlock can adresss known sites in a blacklist manner and “Request Policy” that can work the other way around blocking all third party domain requests until they are explicitly allowed.

Of course this only works because of trust and simplicity. It is easier to simply add a snippet of html rather than transferring access-log files and as far as I know these tracking services don’t trust their customers to themselves send in their traffic logs.

In the end I kind of worry about these regulations that somehow indicates to the general population that there is some kind of privacy on the internet.