TCLP 2010-12-01 The Zombie Apocalypse

This is a feature cast, an episode of The Command Line Podcast.

In the intro, I wanted to give a heartfelt thanks to Chris Miller for his work helping me with the drafts of my features in the last few months.  Chris has been on my podcast, too, a couple of times.  I also want to thank Rob and Curtis for their donations.

Listener feedback this week was from Jed in response to the feature on API design and Ethan to revisiting geek fatigue.

The hacker word of the week this week is fish.

The feature this week is another science fiction monologue, this time on the zombie apocalypse.  I mention Alas, Babylon, The Serpent and the Rainbow, Night of the Living Dead, Jennifer Ouellete’s new book, The Affinity Bridge, and gray goo.


View the detailed show notes online. You can grab the flac encoded audio from the Internet Archive.

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