Creative Commons Christmas Carol, “Please Share Alike”

I am not usually a big fan of Christmas music, more for the associations with the commercial aspect of this time of year than anything against the music itself. However, how could I not love this wacky, Creative Commons carol that’s about–Creative Commons!

The video and song were put together by the creators of what looks like a fund web series, Merry Holidays, Please Hold. They managed to include a short who’s who of Internet celebrities include Cory (who shared the video on BB), Mark Frauenfelder Larry Lessig, Kevin Kelly, Zadi Diaz, Leo Laporte, and Dick DeBartolo.

I am currently reading “The Gift”, by Lewis Hyde, which is a dense but enjoyable discussion of the aspects of gift exchange that stand in stark contrast to mere commerce. As flippant as this song is, it isn’t surprising that the refrain really stuck in my head. It is an honest if silly prompt to really reflect on all the gifts we give and receive through the traditions we variously observe this time of year.

Creative Commons Xmas carol, “Please Share Alike”, BoingBoing

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