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  • Australia passes bill splitting telco monopoly in two
    Slashdot links to an ITnews piece explaining the purpose of the bill as well as its passage, by a thin Senate margin. Splitting Telstra into wholesale and retail operations allows the government to take over the former, a necessary first step to laying new fiber and expanding universal access per the country’s ambitious broadband plan. This was not an antitrust action as far as I can tell, especially since it really just creates two new monopolies, one of which is owned by the government that will presumably manage theirs more in the public interest.
  • Mozilla contributing to design of a new systems language
    Klint Finley at ReadWriteWeb has details of a four year old effort that Mozilla joined in on last year called Rust. The laundry list of features he pulls out reminds me in spirit of Google’s Go. However, Rust appears to be a bit more feature rich, maybe as a consequence of it prioritizing practicality along with safety and concurrency. I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing more experimentation with systems languages, rather than the current trend of popular languages being carried over into servers and server applications simply by default.
  • Student made videos illustrating math concepts via doodle games, BoingBoing
  • Increasing the speed and efficiency of racetrack memory, Ars Technica
  • US government confirms details of domain seizures, TorrentFreak

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