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Another light blogging day. I probably will forego posting tomorrow. For those that observe it, enjoy the holiday. I have Friday off. In addition to catching up on writing for the podcast, I expect a regular blogging day. That is, if there is enough news to warrant it.

  • Amazon best seller released under Creative Commons
    From the Creative Commons blog itself, comes the news of the editors of “Machine of Death” deciding to release the work under an open license after its successful storming of Amazon’s rankings. The core concept of the anthology is clever, explaining both its market success and the condidence and Malki, et. al. in making it freely available, that folks will continue to buy print copies.
  • Google Wave enters Apache incubator
    The Register was one of several sources covering some encouraging news for Google’s failed experiment. It is a little unclear if this is all of the search giant’s internal sources or a one off. However, that it is the “Wave in a Box” version should yield an open source package soon-ish allowing for cookie cutter installation and operation of some subset of the client and server.
  • OpenStreetMaps founder joins Microsoft’s Bing team
    The H was one of several tech news sources with this story. Since OSM has a foundation backing it, there isn’t any real cause for concern about Microsoft co-opting the project. However, I cannot help but think of Dick Hardt who joined the Redmond giant’s identity team, leaving behind his own promising endeavors, only to leave a relatively short time later, clearly burned out, if not also burned.
  • Five years of the Open Rights Group , Open Rights Group
  • Judge bars fair use defense in Xbox modder’s trial, Wired

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