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I don’t have time for more, though the news stream seems to be thinning anyway in advance of the holiday. I’m on my way to CopyNight here in Washington, DC shortly. I expect it will be a small crowd, I hope it is more than just me.

  • What should copyright do, in terms of outcomes
    Cory’s latest Guardian article is once again a dead on targeting of what we should be debating versus all this piracy vs. terrorism nonsense. The idea of improving participation in both quantity and diversity resonates with the free speech arguments of Neil Netanel in “Copyright’s Paradox”. His reasoning is also why I’ll often go a bit rabid over dead business models and lack of innovation as coming up with a fresh business plan should also be about outcomes.
  • Intel launches Atom CPU with integrated FPGA
    Slashdot has the news from the chip maker that is very interesting in the wake of research into possible competitors to FPGAs that have a potentially much faster re-programming time. It appears to be targeted at system makes not end users but I can imagine enterprising modders will be able to do quite a bit with these. With a low enough price point, the chip plus array could be quite disruptive.
  • Turing’s papers fail to sell at auction
    The BBC has a follow up to a story I first saw via Bletchley Park’s campaign for donations specifically to be able to bid in the auction. The efforts to raise money fell well short but the silver lining is now there will be a second chance. Further donations will be able to build on earlier momentum, including a very generous sum pitched in by Google.
  • Researchers carve CPU into plastic foil, EE Times
  • 2600 magazine as DRM-free Kindle, PDF ebook, BoingBoing
  • Attachmate says OpenSuse is safe, The Register

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