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  • Moxie Marlinspike’s laptop, cellphone seized
    I just listened to the Off the Hook episode where they discussed a similar instance involving Jacob Applebaum who has spoken at public events on behalf of WikiLeaks and Julian Assange in recent months. According to Slashdot and others covering this story, a contact in Marlinspike’s phone may have been enough of a tie to the leak clearinghouse to place him under similar border scrutiny. Shame as Marlinspike is far better known for some excellent privacy protection work.
  • Novelist tells the tale of the world’s first computer
    Gary Wolf at Wired has an interesting piece featuring a Pulitzer price winning novelist, Jane Smiley, who tells the story of John Vincent Atanasoff in her new book, “The Man Who Invented the Computer”. Atanasoff’s machine pre-dates ENIAC and has largely been forgotten in the decades since. In the article, Wolf includes a brief interview with Smiley, an unlikely historian, as much to discuss her motivation as the fascinating story itself.
  • Attachmate acquires Novell
    The Register was just one of the usual outlets to cover news that is likely to impact the landscape of Linux’s commercial side. Even more interesting is the news that as part of the sale, a consortium that includes Microsoft picked up some of Novell’s IP. No doubt we’ll see some deep analysis of what this means in practical terms in very short order from the Linux pundits and community leaders.
  • MP3Tunes safe harbor challenge a legal test for cloud storage, Ars Technica, cross posted from Wired
  • Mozilla announces another competition, to reveal Firefox usage in compelling ways, The H Open

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