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  • Arguments against latest take on a piracy bill
    Peter Eckersley at EFF summarizes the problems with targeting the Domain Name System as a mechanism to punish copyright infringement. This is the clearest list of problems I’ve seen yet. The black list at the heart of the bill is especially troublesome, the EFF post has some links to the fraught history of previous efforts along these lines.
  • What Google knows about you and how to tweak it
    Jacqui Cheung at Ars Technica has a timely reminder that we should be periodically checking Google’s Dashboard to assess potential privacy problems arising from using services many of us no doubt take for granted. She provides a pretty good overview of what to expect and what you can do to make sure your privacy wishes are best respected, at least as far as Google allows.
  • Kryptos sculptor to reveal clue to aid amateur codebreakers
    Kim Zetter at Wired has the story, that Jim Sanborn is going to publish a clue in an upcoming NYT article this weekend. I first became familiar with Sanborn’s sculptures through a codebreaking panel by Elonka Dunin a few years back at Dragon*Con. This particular cypher sculpture is installed at the CIA headquarters, adding additional draw to the hobbyists who have been puzzling it out for the past 20 years.
  • EFF, PK others fight to preserve safe harbors in key DMCA case, Public Knowledge
  • IBM’s five year plan for quantum computing, ReadWriteWeb

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