Well, yes. While the point of Firesheep was to bring into the limelight the need for SSL encryption support on many websites, all these suggestions are to give folks some sort of band-aid until SSL does become more widespread.
I agree that it’s ridiculous that so many web apps don’t already do this. It has been a personal pet peeve of mine for some time now. I do find it somewhat amusing, however, that many are only now just realizing the intelligence of encryption. How long has SSL and other cryptographic protocols been around? Mid-nineties and earlier? Come on people. Get with the program, Internets.
Something of related interest, though. When my uncle, who lives in France, got his internet connection, the wireless router that was given to him by the ISP had been locked down pretty tight by default with encryption turned on and a complex password. It does make me wonder why that isn’t done more often in the US.