Launch of a New Podcast

In the latest Command Line episode, I mentioned the new podcast that I am co-hosting with my friend, John Taylor Williams. I wanted to take a moment to write about this new project for those that only read the web site but don’t listen to the podcast.

The new podcast is Living Proof, a brew cast. It doesn’t have anything to do with technology, as such, but is informed by a passion for beer that rivals what motivates me to write this site and produce the Command Line podcast. John and I share an abiding interesting in the craft, enjoyment, history and philosophy of beer. We try to bring that deep geekery to the subject drawing directly from our own experiences as enthusiasts and home brewers.

The first episode went live on Saturday and the second episode is well into the process. We’re shooting for releasing a new episode every other week. The next episode will be specifically timed to release the day before Sam Calagione’s debut on Brew Masters.

You can listen to episode’s directly on the web site or use one of the links to subscribe. The show has been submitted to iTunes for folks with Apple hardward and/or software but isn’t yet available. If you want to subscribe to the enhanced version of the show, the one with embedded chapters, you can use this url.

For those of you who share our interest in beer, I hope that you enjoy our new podcast and will help us promote it by telling a friend.

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