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  • Cell tower data protected by the 4th Amendment
    As The Register explains, the ruling is in a district court in Texas, so just an incremental part of the evolving case law. The reasoning, at least as revealed by the article, seems arbitrary. I would have expected more thought along the lines of what is accessible by the average citizen rather than comparisons to continuously recorded reality television.
  • Canonical’s Shuttleworth contemplates a future Ubuntu without X11
    Ryan Paul at Ars Technica does a nice job of laying out both the motivation and challenges inherent in any Linux distribution moving from the ancient graphic display system, X11, to anything more modern. Undoubtedly a newer stack, like Wayland, would allow the Linux desktop to compete more effectively with other OSes but video driver support has been one of the platform’s greatest long running problems, one that a drastic change would multiply considerably. There may be a way, as Paul lays out in the article, to take a hybrid approach, which has worked for other software shifts of this scale.
  • WikiLeaks defectors to set up another leaks site
    Give the psychodrama around WikiLeaks, the news as reported by Jacqui Cheung at Ars Technica is hardly surprising. Let’s not forgot the work of John Young and Cryptome, though, when we talk about WikiLeaks and this new effort. Assange’s brain child is hardly the only or necessarily the first of its kind. It just happens to be the highest profile at the moment. Giving whistle blowers more options and opponents a more diffuse front should be all to the good, regardless of the reasons for the split.
  • Did the W3C sell out to Microsoft?, Tom’s Hardware, via Groklaw
  • UK copyright law to be reviewed, BBC, via Groklaw
  • EU Commission also wants to reform copyright, Open Rights Group

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