Latest Attempt at Secure E-Voting

Something largely missing from the run up to the elections here in the US yesterday was discussion of e-voting, either recent advances or new problems. Maybe the absence was a consequence of it being a mid-term election. TED released this talk into the void on the day of the elections.

The speaker, David Bismark, hits on some of the key challenges of e-voting. Reliability and privacy are indeed critical but accuracy and accessibility are missing from his presentation. I cannot find anything when searching for Bismark’s name and evoting other than this TED talk. The paper receipt he shows seems very similar to systems about which I’ve read before like David Chaum’s Punchscan.

Does anyone have any more info about this project, even a name? So far, promises of software independent, accurate, and reliable voting haven’t passed muster, mostly due to the intense difficulty of mastering conflicting goals. I’m curious for more information on how Bismark’s work stacks up.

An Anonymous, Verifiable E-Voting Tech, Slashdot

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    1. Thanks for digging out this information. I am concerned that there isn’t as much focus on the crypto the protects the portion of the ballot that can be tallied. In order to be useful, the human readable information that is discarded at time of voting still has to be associated with the ballot even if heavily encrypted. There are hints that a shared secret based keying system is used but to say it is totally unbreakable or absolutely secure is misleading. I just wish as much information was published about the crypto as the clever takeaway receipt.

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