Cartoon Collection from “Sita” Creator

Nina Paley’s latest project has been an ongoing, deceptively simply web comic, Mimi & Eunice. Nina has used the pair of critters, vaguely similar to the ones in her “Copying Is Not Theft” one minute meme, to explore ideas ranging from intellectual poop-erty to religion, from bike helmet (non-)safety to body image. The couple has a frenetic relationship that nicely drives the quick hits of the three panel format while hinting at a more nuanced dysfunction to which most of us should be able to relate.

Nina has collected over two hundred of these comics into a signed collection, “Misinformation Wants to be Free”. In the announcement of the book’s availability, she included a clever animation of panels from the comic. She draws every panel free hand so the consistency of pose demonstrated is pretty remarkable. I love how the background also smoothly animates through the color space.

The book is $20 plus shipping and in addition to the signature, Nina will include a doodle of Mimi or Eunice. She’s been experimenting with ideas for merchandise for the new comic and I think the book is an excellent idea. I’ve ordered mine, the price directly supports Nina’s further creative endeavors. Check out some of the comics, the animation, and considering picking up your own copy.

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