UK Action Alert Against Updated Surveillance Plan

Cory at Boing Boing shares this action alert from the foks at the Open Rights Group.

This Kafka-esque “Intercept Modernisation Plan”, was stopped near the end of the last government, but was quietly revived in the 2010 Spending Review. While billions of pounds is being slashed from education, welfare and defence, the government plans to waste vast sums trying to snoop on our emails and Facebook communications.

If you live in the UK, sign the ORG petition. Better yet, find the contact info for your elected representatives and write or call them about the Plan. You may want to take a look at the efforts of Digital Due Process for more detailed talking points as it speaks to the same urge behind IMP as similar efforts to update surveillance laws and requirements here in the US. I know the site is US specific and aimed at the ECPA primarily but the more detailed you can be in your correspondence and conversation about the issues, the better.

Brits: Email the gov’t to stop plan to spy on every email, Facebook post, tweet, etc!, BoingBoing

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