Apple Deprecates Their JVM

Back when OS X launched, Apple made a big fuss over handling their own port of the Java programming language and runtime to their freshly minted OS. Despite grandiose claims about making Java a first class citizen for developing applications for the Mac, the reality unfolded otherwise. The Java Virtual Machine, or JVM, has consistently lagged behind the official versions for Linux and Windows and for a server developer, such as myself, has always utterly lacked key elements of the runtime useful to long running services.

Slashdot, among others, is reporting that a just released patch from Apple for their port of the JVM also contains a curious note, that the JVM is now “deprecated”. It isn’t entirely clear what this means though the implication, especially from instructions in the release note on setting up alternate JVM’s, is that in the near future, the JVM from Apple will simply go away.

The submitter of the story at Slashdot seems to think Oracle, which acquired the rights to Java when it purchased Sun recently, will step into the gap. I wouldn’t be too sure about that. It might be possible for those Java developers who have cozened up to Apple to make use of the OpenJDK port for BSD. Now might be an excellent time to look into that.

Apple Deprecates Their JVM, Slashdot

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    1. At the one WWDC I attended ages ago (before my podcast was even born), I chatted with a couple of the Apple engineers working on the JVM port. It was very clear from their remarks that Apple has always viewed it as just not worth the effort, hence the missing server version of hotspot and other omissions. I think it is the last step in a long chain of neglect driven by apathy when no one really dove into Cocoa apps fueled by Java. To be fair, Java hasn’t really done well on *any* desktop, let alone OS X.

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