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As I predicted, I was not able to get enough work done on the stories I had bookmarked for tonight’s news show. As busy I as I was volunteering yesterday and grinding on my interviews notes for this week, I still had these links I wanted to share.

  • Remembering Benoit Mandelbrot
    I was incredibly saddened to read news of Mandelbroit’s passing over this weekend. His study of fractals is thoroughly bound up in my own readings on complexity. It’s a topic I find as endlessly fascinating as the ability to infinitely zoom in on the fuzzy forms he characterized without ever hitting a limit to the detail. In this blog post, Rudy Rucker, another icon in my readings on universal gnarl, presents his personal memories on first meeting Mandelbrot. Seems very fitting to me.
  • Google secretly tests autonomous vehicles in real traffic, ReadWriteWeb
  • Offering censorship as a product feature
    From Slashdot, this is concerning for its potential for abuse and the obvious privacy implications. A recent patent grant to Apple for a similar notion in the iPhone, covered by ReadWriteWeb, hints this may become a trend. This is like the problem of hard drives full of copies in junked photocopiers but now with a network connection. An even greater fear for me is that competitors will feel compelled to also offer this feature, worse even possible one-upping the original.

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