Public Knowledge Launches Creators Freedom

This is a new kind of project for PK, as opposed to their usual policy and communications work. As a peer media producer, I like the idea of an NGO working directly with creators to offer education and interactive support. From the press release:

Among other activities, the Project will:

  • Work directly with artists and tell their stories
  • Partner with experts, and providers of online tools and services
  • Host local workshops, tutorials & discussions
  • Stream webinars for artists

The ultimate goal is one I found very laudable, also a more constructive response to the usual copyright battles–to help artists experiment and find new models to support their endeavors.

Details are scant so far, undoubtedly upcoming activities will be announced on the web site. I was hoping there might be some sort of community to join, even just a mailing list. I suspect it is early days and that maybe more participatory features will be added as the project develops.

Public Knowledge Announces Creators Freedom Project, Public Knowledge

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