Ubuntu 10.10 Successfully Released Yesterday

The H has some highlights from the new version. I upgraded my work machine today without any problems. I am hesitant to do so with my home machine because I am concerned about having to re-configure my audio hardware from scratch. After I’ve had a chance to live with it for a while at work, I am sure the fixes and enhancements will draw me past my anxiety over possibly breaking the driver for my mixer.

Ryan Paul at Ars Technica has some more detail, in particular around the installer and the new netbook interface, Unity. If you are a Gnome user, which is the default desktop for Ubuntu, it looks like this is a major upgrade well worth the time.

I am a KDE user and after a few hours of playing around with Maverick, the update to that desktop doesn’t seem all that big. I was pretty happy with the version of KDE I had before the upgrade so it isn’t like I was looking for anything earth shattering. Which is good, because for us Kubuntu users, the update feels much more modest.

No doubt once I upgrade my home system, I may have further thoughts to offer. For one, right before I switch back to Linux I got a touch pad out of sheer frustration with Apple’s horrible lineage of mice. Sadly, the Wacom Bamboo Touch is a beast to get working well under Lucid so that is one very attractive reason to upgrade sooner rather than later. The KDE system settings have a dedicate section for touchpads which makes me optimistic that peripheral, at least, may work better under Maverick.

Canonical releases Ubuntu 10.10 “Maverick Meerkat”, The H

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