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  • More information on why the CBC cannot use CC licensed music
    Mike Masnick at Techdirt has done a bit more digging, arriving at an explanation for why the CBC stopped using CC licensed music in its podcasts. The problem arises from the non-commercial clause which is quite common with these otherwise free licenses. Many of the radio programs are available through secondary and tertiary distribution platforms with arrangements, like pre-roll ads, that would violate the non-commercial requirement. Having run afoul of this same clause, I concur with Masnick that this explanation makes more sense than the ones offered earlier on as the story unfolded.
  • Creative Commons on CBC and non-commercial licenses, Creative Commons
  • Gait recognition for smart phones, Slashdot
  • Duke Nukem Forever public demo coming next year, Wired
  • CC launches the Public Domain Mark
    This new tool from the Creative Commons is distinct from CC-0, their public domain dedication. The mark is used to help clearly identify works already free of copyright. This is a timely release given the report from the Library of Congress about the problems around preserving audio recordings because of how long it takes for works to devolve into the public domain. Using the mark and its associated deed could greatly ease the job of archivists, and the software they use, where there is already certainty about the status of works.

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