TCLP 2010-10-10 News

This is news cast 227, an episode of The Command Line Podcast.

In the intro my thanks to PseudoMorph for his monthly donation and some suggestions for ways listeners can help with the show beyond donations.

This week’s security alerts are Comcast warns customers infected with botnet and borrowing health models to understand online security risks.

In this week’s news historic audio recordings are at risk in part due to bad copyright laws, opting out of behavioral advertising which is a further development in some earlier work and may require more work still, an escalation in preventing jail breaking phones though we should probably avoid calling it a rootkit, and encryption pioneers formally recognized after initially being left out of history.

Following up this week the final ACTA draft is not as bad as feared and the new Document Foundation has a strong first week.


View the detailed show notes online. You can also grab the flac encoded audio from the Internet Archive.

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