Ubuntu 10.10 Goes Live on Sunday, 10/10

I use Ubuntu, specifically Kubuntu which is the flavor that bundles KDE, on almost all of my computers now. I don’t have any spare systems at the moment or I would have given the late betas and the release candidate of the version about to drop, 10.10 “Maverick Meerkat” a trial. I’ve been reading with interest some of the updates others have given a test drive and have already looked at the versions of some of my key programs that will get updates (Hurray for a version of Ardour that fixes the mute button bug!)

Paula Rooney at Open Source has some good high level details of what to expect across the various editions of Meerkat. As she notes, the big feature, if you can call it that, with the desktop edition is the set of improvements to Canonical’s cloud service, Ubuntu One. The Register digs into the changes much more, pointing out how Canonical is trying to make the service more useful across more devices. There is even a beta version of a Windows client.

If I didn’t already have plans for the weekend, I’d be looking for festivities at the area local communities or LoCos. It is probably just as well as I won’t be rushing out to upgrade right on release day. I will be very careful about upgrading my newly minted Kubuntu box in my home office as I have no desire to undo all the audio driver work I only recent got completely sorted.

Ubuntu 10.10 to debut on 10.10.10, Open Source

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