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  • More comics about copyright
    Techdirt links to a more humorous looking comic, about sixty pages on the history of copyright. That’s not just recent history, either, but goes far enough back to show how copyright has transformed in form and purpose. Looking over the site, the work is at least partly inspired by RMS and the Free Software folks. You can download the comic as an ePub or CBZ file.
  • Sonification project working with pollution data, Wired
  • LLVM 2.9 released, The H
  • Negroponte on XO3 tablet and beyond, Slashdot
  • Google launches coding contest for younger kids
    Audrey Watters at ReadWriteWeb has the details of what is essentially Google Summer of Code but for junior high and high school aged kids. It also likes more comprehensive than just programming, offering tasks that cover all kinds of contributions to open source projects, including but not limited to QA, documentation, translations, UI design, and outreach. Applications will open on November 22. I hope this is repeated for a few more years so my sons can participate once they are old enough.

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