Mozilla Labs Gaming Announces First Competition

I wrote about the new gaming initiative from Mozilla Labs a little while ago when it launched. Marshall Kirkpatrick at ReadWriteWeb notes the announcement by that project of its first gaming competition.

Mozilla, home of the popular Firefox browser, has announced a new effort to challenge the dominance of Adobe Flash in the casual gaming market. Called Game On 2010, the effort is an international competition that will highlight “games built, delivered and played on the open Web and the browser.” The crux of the issue is no Flash allowed.

The contest will run between now and January 11th of next year. Marshall notes there is skepticism that HTML5 and related technologies are quite to the level needed to take on Flash directly. He, at least, seems game to see what the development community might come up with.

I think the pump is definitely well primed. I noodled around with several of the JS1K entries from that contest I linked to yesterday. If some addictively fun games can be written in less than a kilobyte of JavaScript, imagine what will come of Mozilla’s contest regardless of how the entries stack up to Flash. I also think efforts like these will keep pushing newer killer apps into the conscious of users such that demand for advanced, open standards will only grow to the benefit of all.

Mozilla Takes Aim at Flash-based Casual Games, ReadWriteWeb

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