James Boyle Publishing Another Comic, on Music Copyright

Cory at BoingBoing has the news of another comic book from James Boyle in the same vein as the one he co-wrote, “Bound by Law”, about the issues arising from copyright for documentarians. Boyle is working with Jennifer Jenkins, who also worked on the previous book, this time to take on music and copyrights in “Theft: A History of Music”.

Our first comic, “Bound by Law,” was an attempt by three law professors to explain copyright law and fair use to documentary filmmakers.

We realized that they were unlikely to read our law review articles. As comic aficionados, we thought that medium would be both accessible and capable of conveying a lot of information quickly.

The comic we are currently writing – “Theft: A History of Music” – from which these pages are adapted, is a 2,000-year-long history of music borrowing, written in the hope of bringing some historical perspective to today’s music wars.

Cory links to this past weekend’s package from the SF Chronicle that included a two page spread from the comic, a feature on the authors, and an article by one of my favorite copyright scholars, Pamela Samuelson.

As a podcast, blogger and public speaker, I am grateful for accessible resources like these to which I can link and recommend the curious.

Comic explains the fight over music copyrights, BoingBoing

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