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  • EFF weighs in on COICA IP enforcement bill
    Richard Esguerra provides analysis that echoes that of Wendy Seltzer, to which I linked yesterday. He augments her arguments about censorship, adding concerns about how interference with the DNS system could cause problems and the signal this bill would send with regards to the US’s stance on internet censorship. The latter point is interesting because the bill, if passed, would contradict, in actions, what the State Department put into words with Clinton’s speech several months back.
  • Scribd apologizes, clarifies archive option that optionally results in paywall
    Via Hacker News.
  • Google crowd sources efforts to fix invalid metadata in Books, The Register
  • BBC coverage of Nerdcore
    Via Hacker News. I have been listening to MC Frontalot quite a bit lately, especially his latest album, “Zero Day”. Not surprisingly, I was thrilled to see this BBC piece which I take as a good sign that Nerdcore is still alive and well. Even if the main stream media here is a couple of years late.
  • Smart phones as a replacement for hotel key cards
    Mike Melanson at ReadWriteWeb explains how one chain is experimenting with the idea, clearly driven by convenience over security. Do I need to count the number of ways this system will be that much more vulnerable than the existing key cards? To the credit of the hotel chain trying this idea, they are making it optional. Given the addition of the phones’ processing power, there is an opportunity to actually make the system much more secure. As much as past history is a valid predictor, the implementers are unlikely to be pushing the security envelope as far as the hardware would enable.
  • Federal guide to spying on your suspected terrorist neighbors, Wired
  • Brain coprocessors, Technology Review

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