Mozilla Releases JavaScript Engine Aimed at Research

As The Register explains, this JavaScript engine isn’t aimed at use but rather to make the process of researching the future of the language more inclusive. From Mozilla Labs Tom Austin:

“In programming language (PL) research, we like to write up fancy evaluation rules containing lots of Greek letters. Unfortunately, these rules tend to be inscrutable to anyone who isn’t a PL researcher. Even for PL researchers, there is something unsatisfying about seeing a bunch of rules on a piece of paper.”

Practical concerns rank on his list along side syntax and semantics. JavaScript, especially as implemented in browsers, is the target of a lot of programmers’ ire. Perhaps this effort will lead to more of those who complain the loudest contributing ideas and code. I believe self interest is a powerful motivator so it’s more than likely going to be a benefit of the Narcissus engine and its companion script look-up tool, Zaphod.

Mozilla Labs pops out JavaScript language tool for coders, The Register

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