Feed Snafu

I have had a couple of people contact me reporting errors from Feedburner when trying to access my feeds. I was not at first able to reproduce the problem though I had a suspicion as to what might be the cause. I use Google Apps for my email and recently Google offered the intrepid an option to transfer select users within a domain over to a new infrastructure they will be rolling out in the coming months to all Google Apps customers. This is why I posted the note a little while ago about my shared items feed in Reader.

I noticed when checking my stats in Feedburner that when I was logged into my Google Apps account, I didn’t see my feeds. Feedburner, unlike Gmail and Reader, doesn’t support multiple logins yet. It was the only Google service which I use regularly that exhibited this problem. I found an option to transfer my feeds, effectively moving them from my plain old Google account to my Google Apps account. All was well with the world.

Not quite.

In transferring my feeds, I didn’t realize it broke the MyFeeds option that I used to server Feedburner feeds from my own domain name. This was the suspicion I had when getting the first email complaint about my feeds being broken. On receiving the second complaint, I checked again and saw the Feedburner error for myself. I dug through the FAQs and realized my mistake. I have hopefully sorted out the MyBrand feature such that the feeds served through my own domain name are either working again now or will shortly.

Sorry for any inconvenience. You should *not* have to do anything to see the fixed feeds, staying subscribed should see them start to update again.

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