Be Part of the Help in Cory Doctorow’s “With a Little Help”

“With a Little Help” is the self published anthology with which Cory Doctorow is experimenting by enlisting the help of his friends in the production and promotion of the book. His call for help continues with a request for interested web designers to help update the design for the forthcoming book’s web site.

Since 2003, I’ve used the same template, with minor tweaks, for each of my book-sites; it was designed by the amazing Mena Trott for my first novel, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom, and great as it is, it’s not quite up to par for this.

Which is where you come in: I’m looking for a quick-and-handsome template that is identifiably of a piece with the rest of my sites, but accomodates four covers, the downloads, the audiobook, the limited hardcover, the special reports, the gallery of scanned ephemera, the two donation methods…

Cory is looking for designs, sketches, and ideas. If he uses yours, he’ll repay your help with one of the first twenty limited edition hard covers. You can send your suggestions to him via email.

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