I have not tried my mixer with more recent versions of Ubuntu because there is a lethal bug in KWin with my graphics card. From my reading, the packaged version of ffado in newer vintages of Ubuntu should just work with this mixer. If that is not the case, I don’t see why building from the SVN version wouldn’t work with newer vintages.

The documentation at the ffado project is pretty good. You may additionally need to install the Ubuntu Studio Control Center and use it to enable raw1394 access. Add yourself to the raw1394 group, log out and back in again, and you should be able to configure JACK to use the ffado driver and start it successfully.

I’ve used ffado with JACK successfully to work with both audacity and ardour. I still use this software configuration to this day to record, edit, mix and master my podcast. Given my recent unsuccessful attempt to try to use the USB 2.0 version of this mixer, I foresee sticking with FireWire for as long as my hardware holds out and/or I can secure working replacements. I am massively bummed Alesis stopped making the FireWire MultiMix some time ago.