Biometric IDs for Every Indian Citizen

Slashdot links to an Alternet story about a plan to record biometrics and tie an individual’s data to a unique identification number. The IDs are being rolled out in phases but eventually are meant to be issued to all of the country’s 1 billion plus citizens. Part of the rational being offered is that it will improve access by the lower classes to civil resources. It seems to me that tying to two together is not essential to improving access, that it is coincidental and undoubtedly serves more fraught purposes than being admitted. Fortunately, local public interest groups are raising the right kinds of questions about unforeseen consequences and known dangers for similar programs elsewhere.

All I can think of when reading through this are the abuses that have arisen from the use of Social Security Numbers in the US, data that were never meant to be identifying outside of a single federal program. This idea seems to willfully be committing the same mistakes and worse tying it to identifying data that cannot be revoked or otherwise easily handled in the case of a breach or other problem.

Biometric IDs For Every Indian Citizen, Slashdot

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