Mozilla Launches Gaming Initiative

As Adrianne Jeffries at ReadWriteWeb explains the new project, Mozilla Labs Gaming, is meant to encourage developers to use the new technologies being built into modern browsers both to highlight those capabilities and capitalize in the growing interest in casual and social games. The intersection makes a great deal of interest and is a more productive notion than the usual anti-Flash sentiments offered when discussing HTML5, CSS3 and other newer standards.

“Modern Open Web technologies introduced a complete stack of technologies such as Open Video, audio, WebGL, touch events, device orientation, geo location, and fast JavaScript engines which make it possible to build complex (and not so complex) games on the Web,” Mozilla Labs wrote on its blog. “With these technologies being delivered through modern browsers today, the time is ripe for pushing the platform. And what better way than through games?”

The new efforts reinforces why Firefox is still my favorite browser despite market share gains made by Chrome. Mozilla is as dedicated to the broader space of open web standards as it is to its own particular entrants. Driving developer adoption of these technologies forces all browser makers to evolve and innovate ensuring that users get the best experience of the web regardless of what software they use.

Mozilla Hopes Web Games Will Remind Us That Browsers Are Still Awesome, ReadWriteWeb

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