Dragon*Con 2010 Wrap Up

I missed my daily post for yesterday but did get my weekly links out. I guess that still counts as a daily post. Sunday was the last full day of the con and pretty quiet so I’ll wrap any thoughts on it into my overall thoughts on the convention. For today, we made good time once we got under way. We had a leisurely start, slipping in some last minute shopping for family, friends and ourselves in and amongst our farewells. Neither Andrea or I are big shoppers but we like to bring gifts back for the kids and my mom who takes care of them while we are away.

This year’s Dragon*Con was a productive convention for me. I have two features worth of audio to edit and master for releasing in the coming weeks. I also participated in recordings for Technorama and View from the Quad. I’ll post links when those episodes are released. I had many long and interesting discussions off the mic. I hope to be able to follow up on some of those threads throughout the coming year. Despite the paucity of hands on and how-to programming this year, I was approached several times while volunteering and happy to share my technical experience with some up and coming podcasters.

I think my wife said it best, over lunch this afternoon before we got under way. This year was the quietest, calmest Dragon*Con of all the ones I’ve attended. In some ways, that was a good thing. I didn’t feel over stressed at any point and got plenty of rest. The crowding was a bit tough in spots, so the calm also acted as a good psychic buffer. In other ways, it was a bad thing. The socialization seemed far more sporadic, I think because we were missing the social glue provided by my dear friends Chooch and Viv who couldn’t make it this year. I did get to see all of my friends and acquaintances who I knew to be there but the partying and carousing of last year never quite cohered in the same way.

While the podcast track had a few standing room only panels, something just felt missing there too. Maybe it was the second year of being in the shadow cast by the growing and deservedly awesome skeptic track. I have some seeds of ideas, mostly notions for growing my own involvement in the podcasting track beyond those aspects on which I have focused to date. Logistics, staffing and gear are well in hand, the problems of the past long solved. It should have occurred to me last year to start expanding my attention to other areas where I can now help.

I had been on the fence in the months leading up to Dragon*Con, mostly because of the cost but also because of absent friends. I can say I have no regrets sticking with my plan to attend, far from it. As with each year past, the con has presented me with a new face and associated new experiences. I do feel that I am increasingly better able to keep my expectations at bay, contemplating the con as it unfolds including the lessons it provides. In that regard, the con was once again a rewarding and enjoyable personal growth opportunity. I am strongly leaning towards coming back for a sixth year to explore further facets of this immense and complex con experience.

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