Dragon*Con 2010, Day 2

The feeling of compressed time persisted into the second day of the convention. The way my commitments were stacked throughout the day, it made more sense than yesterday. I did manage to get into the dealer room and see a little bit before I had to move on. I also got away from the con hotels for a nice, lengthy dinner with friends.

Immediately after my volunteer shift this morning, I moderated the Creative Commons and legal issues panel. I was extremely happy to be joined once again by Randy Chertkow of Beatnik Turtle and Courtney Perry. We were joined by Brian Ibbott of Coverville who was more than glad to share his experiences working with collection societies to legally use the cover songs he shares in his show. Once again I was surprised, and delighted, that the conversation with the audience ran right up to the time limit and clearly could have gone on unabated for another half an hour. I want to thank my panelists once again and everyone who came out to learn more about the topic.

The big event for today was the Parsec Awards. I have to give massive credit to the steering committee and the MCs, George Hrab and Christiana Ellis. The show was tightly run, a joy to attend. The category for which I was a finalist was won by Skeptoid which is hosted and produced by Brian Dunning. The category was packed with awesome shows amongst whom I was honored and delighted to be counted–Skepticality, the 365 Days of Astronomy, and the Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe as well as Skeptoid.

I did not make it out to the TWiT/Sword and Laser meetup as planned and I apologize to anyone who was there and looking for me. That is often the way cons go in my experience. Even with a simple plan, things change, conversations run long. You often choose to capitalize on time with people you only get to see infrequently.

On the other side of following serendipity, I had not expected to catch George Hrab’s live show. After a full day of volunteering before heading to the Parsecs and dinner, I didn’t think I’d have the energy to make it. I’m glad I did. George is a consummate pro and his show was both rocking and hilarious.

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    1. Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed the panel. I have to give a great deal of credit to the panelists, especially Randy and Courtney for coming back year after year but also Brian Ibbott who was a real treat given his history with podcasting and the legal issues around how he uses music.

      Shame about the tee-shirt. I could send you my mailing address if you don’t mind posting it or you could hang onto it until next year if you are thinking of coming back.

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