On the Way to Dragon*Con 2010, Day 2

Technically, today was also the day we arrived, after a good five hours on the road from North Carolina. Pre-registration by all accounts was worse than last year, even this early in the con. Actually, it is so early the con hasn’t technically started yet. I picked up my staff packet, unpacked, caught up on my RSS feeds, email and such, and then found the first of my friends who also arrived today while the wife was still waiting in line.

It amazes me how much earlier the con gets going in earnest each year. Last year, I walked the main floor of the Marriott with Chuck and Kreg from Technorama snapping pictures of early cosplayers. We reprised that with the pair of them donning their own costumes, as MiB. It wasn’t just the fans, though. Before we all headed to the Marriot, as Kreg and I waited in the Hilton’s restaurant for our non-staff friends to trickle in from the nigh apocalyptic lines for pre-registration, we were witness to a half-cast reunion of Firefly with a couple of alumni Stargate cast thrown in for good measure. If I don’t make it out of the podcasting track room this year, I won’t feel cheated.

I hope everyone else who is here is already enjoying the head asplosion inducing awesome that is Dragon*Con for themselves. For everyone else, we promise to share lots of pictures and no s%!^ there we were stories.

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