Dragon*Con 2010, Day 1

It really doesn’t feel like we just finished the first day of Dragon*Con. It feels much more like we already had a full day. Part of that may be the late night last night. Our shared door neighbors are quite loud and didn’t settle down or leave until after midnight. As I type this, they are once again in full swing, so loud I am unsure my habitual ear plugs will be effective. As the wife reminds me, our hotel used to be the quiet hotel. Maybe it is the recent remodel or the extension of the con last year into another hotel pulling the louder crowd into the formerly calm Hilton.

The podcasting track room feels much more organized this year. I showed up first thing this morning to find things in good order, not needing much attention. The track kick off was standing room only with an all star panel including P.G. Holyfield, Veronica Belmont, Len Peralta, Tom Merritt, Brian Ibbott, and Bobby Blackwolf. I enjoyed the couple of panels for which I worked as staff, a good mix of live shows and how-to content.

After finishing my shift, I re-grouped with the wife and we had a nice sit down dinner again in the hotel restaurant. There were no stars evident but we were there much earlier than last night. Afterwards we waited in one of main programming’s infamously long lines to see the MST3K/Cinematic Titanic crew. We were a little disappointed that after the Q&A they didn’t do a live show but they are on plenty of panels throughout the rest of the weekend. Only for the size of the line I doubt we’ll see them again but they are definitely not skimping on participation.

The last event for me was Chuck and Kreg’s live Technorama. Late on Friday is a tough slot, especially as a lot of folks are drawn into the first wave of parties throughout the con. I think they acquitted themselves well and had some fun and funny material. When everyone in the audience knows each other and the podcasters on the dais, it tends to be a lot more casual and as many jokes crack from the audience as from the stage.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day. With the con fatigue setting in so unusually early, we’re spending a quite night in. Hopefully our noisy neighbors won’t be too much of a problem with my first 10AM volunteer shift tomorrow. I have two one-and-one-half hour shifts followed by my sole panel as participant. I have one free slot between then and the Parsec Awards ceremony scheduled to run two-and-one-half hours. At this point, I may or may not make it over to the Westin to catch the last bit of TWiT/Sword and Laser meetup. As I said, tomorrow is my longest day of the con.

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