On the Way to Dragon*Con 2010, Day 1

Just a quick note from on the road as we make our way South from DC to Atlanta for this year’s Dragon*Con. We made excellent progress, stopping just past the halfway point in Greensboro, North Carolina. There was a little bit of traffic between DC and Richmond, Virginia, but once we got into I-85, the highway we’ll take the rest of the way, it was smooth sailing. If we make an early enough start tomorrow, we’ll hit Atlanta early in the afternoon.

I already talked about how this time last year marked the start of my daily blogging habit. It seems like a good time of year for me to start new practices. I’ve undertaken three in the last few weeks that seem to be sticking well. They are small things, not directly related to my hacking or other pursuits but helping to maintain and improve my overall health and mental well being. The coming week may present a bit of challenge as any con, let alone Dragon*Con, is chaotic and can be highly disruptive to daily routines.

Tomorrow, I will get to re-connect with friends I see about once a year and am getting excited about the prospect. In fact, since programming doesn’t start in earnest until Friday, tomorrow will be all about the opportunity to hang out with friends. Since Balticon is my local con, I don’t typically arrive early for it and miss out on this window driven mostly by out of town travelers. It is my turn to be the out of town con-goer and I am looking forward to it.

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