Slowing Down for a Spell

I am already on a hiatus from the podcast for reasons of preparing for and attending Dragon*Con. I though I would take more time off than in years past as a much needed mental break. So far, it has been relaxing though I will admit to feeling a little at loose ends at various points during this past weekend.

I have been deliberating what to do with the blog during my extended podcast hiatus. The news stories I curate flow out of the editorial process for putting together each week’s news show. It is pretty easy to keep that going even without the dedicated work on the weekends to do the more in depth write ups for the podcast. Blogging at the same volume, though, feels like I am not taking as full advantage of my hiatus as I should.

Despite that I’ve already caught myself glossing over more stories, falling back more on the form of the link dump in the last few days. Once on my way to Dragon*Con, I will be thoroughly unable to keep up with any news curation or comment. There just isn’t enough time left at either end of the day to keep up with my feeds, let alone pull even the barest post together.

Because of a year’s worth of accumulated habit, I am loathe to spin the blog down entirely while I am traveling. I am reminded of last year’s con at which I successfully started blogging daily (on weekdays anyway). I have fond memories of pushing myself to stay up just a bit later each day to blog solely by the glow of my laptop screen before finally crashing. That started as a promise to my wife to share an update every day since she didn’t join me last year. It grew into a very effective, more encompassing habit of which I am rather proud.

I definitely think I will embrace slowing posts down to more like a one a day. Between now and Wednesday, those will more than likely take the form of lists of links. After that and until I return next week, the daily posts will share more of my thoughts and impressions of the convention and the travel on either side. I will try to resist the urge even to keep up with my feeds, devoting my attention to activities at the con and relaxing.

I may, however, spend a bit more time micro-blogging. My iPod Touch usually works pretty well in the convention hotels. I like to share updates to make it easier to find and hang out with folks on site. I rarely use it anywhere enough for my activity to be considered a deluge, but fair warning. Also, if you see a story you don’t want me to miss and would accept 140 characters or less of comment, feel free to @-message it to me. Posting a social message fits into the breaks between panels and events pretty well as it happens.

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