Anticipating Dragon*Con 2010

The day after tomorrow, the wife and I will pack most of a week’s worth of stuff into our wagon and head South on a two day drive to Atlanta. I’ll be attending my fifth Dragon*Con, the east coast’s biggest pop culture gathering featuring a ridiculous amount of programming and attracting attendees in the tens of thousands. For the fourth year in a row, I will be volunteering as a member of the podcasting track’s staff and participating as a panelist on the same.

Not surprisingly, Dragon*Con feels deeply steeped in personal traditions. I’ll be working with the same group of excellent volunteers. I’ll be reprising my discussion of copyright, Creative Commons and legal issues for podcasters with the same core of well informed panelists. Randy Chertkow, of Beatnik Turtle, and I will once more try to find a quiet spot at some point during the weekend to catch up on a year’s worth of music, innovation, and a little bit of tech. I’ll be seeking out the same amazing falafel place in the nearby mall. We’ll be circulating through some of the same room parties and enjoying the live broadcast of the Masquerade Sunday night.

My schedule this year is light, outside of my staff commitment. You can see where I know for sure that I’ll be below or on my Google calendar. Best way to find me during the con is to check in at the podcasting track room, 204 in the Hilton, or via Twitter.

Podcasting Track Kick-off
Friday 1PM, Hilton 204

Friday 2-5PM, Hilton 204

Technorama Live!
Friday 10PM
(I’ll be in the audience, supporting my good friends Chuck and Kreg)

Saturday 10AM-1PM, Hilton 204

Creative Commons and Legal Issues
Saturday 1PM, Hilton 204

Parsec Awards
Saturday 4-7PM, Hyatt Regency V

TWiT/Sword and Laser Meetup
Saturday 6-8PM, Westin Sundial Bar
(I’ll make it out for as much of this one as I can, given the conflict and the distance between the Hyatt and the Westin)

Sunday 10AM-1PM, Hilton 204

Beyond these, my schedule is fluid. I’ll go where I see something interesting or I know my friends are going. The wife and I hope to find some interesting dining options in Atlanta, doing more exploring than in years past. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

I am trying to keep my expectations light. This year’s WorldCon has drawn away many friends and acquaintances and several others are not making it out to either convention for a variety of reasons. It would be easy to give in to the notion that Dragon*Con will be a ghost town but that is not fair to those people who are still going. It would also discourage remaining open to serendipity, getting to know mere acquaintances better, making new friends, finding the kind of surprises that are much of the joy of any kind of travel, let alone con-going.

If you are going to be at the con, find me and say, “Hi!”

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