New Alpha Release of Mozilla’s Fennec

Fennec is Mozilla’s mobile browser, currently targeting the Nokia internet tablets and the Android operating system. This latest release still bears the the alpha tag signifying users should try it with the utmost caution as all bets are on in terms of reliability. The prior alpha truly looked unusable but as Frederic Lardinois at RWW explains, addressing performance was the top priority informing this fresh update.

The video is well worth a watch, giving a sense of where the browser’s speed is at but also highlighting Fennec’s interface.  I cannot wait to get a mobile friendly version of Firefox’s awesome bar.  The search engine integration in Fennec’s awesome page is a nice touch.

One of the reasons I am particular interested in getting an Android MID as my next mobile gadget is the possibility of running Fennec. I am an immense fan of Firefox, the full browser, both for the software itself but also for the principles of an open web on which it is built. Fennec would bring that same openness to the mobile web, not to mention the recent data sharing via Sync that has shaped up to be a killer feature across most of Mozilla’s offerings.

Mozilla Fennec, First Browser for Android with Support for Add-Ons, ReadWriteWeb

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