Dell Streak Stumbles Over GPL Compliance

The Register has the details, driven by the hackers among Android’s larger community, of Dell’s failure to fully honor their GPL obligations with their new gadget. The Streak is an early entrant into a promising field of Android powered mobile devices, tablets. Well, it isn’t quite a tablet as the consensus seems to consider tablets in the range of seven inch screens and up. And it isn’t quite a true MID, usually coming in at four inch or so. (MID stands for mobile internet device and is a bland and worthless descriptor that seems most commonly applied to handy non-tablet devices like the iPod Touch.) The most frequent attempt at describing the Streak I’ve seen is to characterize it as an oversized phone, with all the appropriate hardware and available with a service place but clumsy to hold up to the ear.

This is one of the devices I am following with interest to potentially purchase as a successor to my aging and increasingly decrepit first generation iPod Touch. Hopefully Dell will come into compliance sooner, rather than later. Especially as the sources in question could mean the difference between having or not having the option of an after market, manually upgrade to FroYo, the latest version of Android.

Dell Streak snub enrages Android fans, The Register

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  1. Curious, Tom, what’s got you thinking about the Streak as opposed to, say, the Galaxy S Tab from Samsung? I’ve looked at the Streak as an interesting hybrid, but still don’t think it fits any real purpose – too big for a phone, too small for a tablet.

    1. I don’t want a tablet, I want a MID. When I am at a computer, I want full capabilities. When I am not, I want a device that prevents me from disappearing into a project or the net when I am intentionally away from a computer. A four to five inch screen fits what I am looking for better than the class of tablets which are larger and designed for easier use. I admit my needs are a bit off the wall but I’d rather have something that fits well or nothing at all.

  2. To that end, I’ve got nothing but great things to say about my rooted EVO. Connect my Apple Bluetooth keyboard for some serious email writing, but other than that, it’s a fantastic video and music device that also does email and web and phone and…

    Depending on carrier, the Galaxy S line is good, and the upcoming HTC EVO-but-not on VZW looks really sharp, too. I just think the Streak, much like the MessagePad all those years ago, crosses the line from Big to Too Big.

    1. I expressly do not want a phone. If I got the Streak, I would not activate it. If I were to get an Evo or Galaxy, I would not activate it either. I’d rather get something intended to be a MID so it simply is not an issue. I also am probably one of the rare few MessagePad users who loved it despite its awkward size.

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