Touchless, Gestural Interface

Slashdot embedded this video demo that is pretty compelling.

What is shown isn’t going to replace the fine selection and manipulation possible with touch interfaces but would make an excellent complement. The very first thing I thought of was for in car control where you could easily gesture at your console without taking your eyes of the road, easily turning the system on and off and performing simple navigation. Of course, that’s the very example mentioned in the link post so clearly is intentional in the video.

Although there isn’t any more detail in the press release, it didn’t dissuade me from my other impression, about the coarseness of control. I very much doubt you’ll be able to pull off any sophisticated gestures, like drawing shapes. All the same, even a chunky version will be intensely useful.

Touchless Gesture User Interfaces, Slashdot

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  1. The best use I’ve seen so far has been in an interactive museum exhibit. There were no mechanical parts to break or be vandalized!

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