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  • Why Oracle was right to sue Google
    This counter position to the vast majority of reactions to the Oracle suit is well worth reading. I won’t say I agree with it, though the individual points make sense on their own. I just don’t think the dots connect into any sort of picture that makes sense of Oracle’s ham handed lawsuit. Any number of less severe steps would have made far more sense of trying to restore effective leadership to Java and address the recent fragmentation.
  • Electronic voting researcher arrested over anonymous source
    J. Alex Halderman worked with Hari Prasad, along with Rop Gonggrijp in testing the security of voting systems deployed by the Indian government. On the Freedom to Tinker blog Halderman provides a clear retelling of this baffling arrest without charges of Prasad for his part in the research. He also fills in the back story and speculates about motivation and effects of the arrest.
  • New California bill could threaten parody that uses online impersonation
  • Virtual router smashes speed record
  • Site exposes geo-data from photos on Twitter
    Sarah Perez at RWW has full details of the site, I Can Stalk U, including it’s stated purpose. I am not sure that efforts like these usually are all that helpful. The only reason I think this one is worth comment is that the location data it highlights isn’t so obvious, like your browser or mobile informing Twitter of where you are. I suspect most people have a good sense for that but may not realize that the cameras on their phones encode their own location info that bypasses any controls built into social and sharing sites.

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