Material from a Couple of Conferences

If I had the funds, I certainly would have headed up to New York last month for the Next HOPE. I’ve been wanting to go to Hackers on Planet Earth pretty much since I first head of it. I don’t even remember when that was so I’m going to say that makes it effectively feel like forever.

If you missed HOPE like me, the media captured of the talks is making its way online. I saw on Twitter earlier today Jason Scott, of and Get Lamp fame, mention that the audio is starting to appear on the official site. Look at the bottom of each talk’s description for links to audio in lower and higher quality MP3. In years past, the organizers of HOPE have also published video bia BitTorrent, hopefully that will show up soon too.

Another conference of interest was the one put on by the Open Rights Group in the UK, ORGCon. The topics all hit my own particular sweet spot including copyright and digital media, privacy, and some of the lousy new policy to come around recently, especially the Digital Economy Act and ACTA.

Compared to HOPE, it is a bit more understandable for those of us stateside not to have made it across the pond for what looks like an awesome event. I recall clearly some fascinating live tweeting on the day. Now if you are interested you can view video of the various talks. Almost as good as being there, especially with speakers of the caliber of Jamie Boyle.

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